Kitchen Remodel PasadenaKitchen Remodel Pasadena

For many people, the kitchen is the most important part of the house. It is here that great family memories are created and the meals that we need to nourish our bodies are made.

Cooking in a serene and aesthetically pleasing environment puts us in the best frame of mind. This often translates to awesome meals.

It is for these reasons that many homeowners regularly remodel their kitchens to improve its aesthetics and enhance its utility.

Incan builders, an ADU contractor, has a team of experienced and qualified experts who can help you remodel your kitchen to give it the aesthetic quality it deserves. If you need a kitchen remodel in Pasadena, give us a call today.

Spice up your storage

A lot can depend on how and where you store your food and kitchen utensils. When remodeling your kitchen, do not hesitate to be innovative and go for the unconventional. Instead of following the same of traditional shelving methods, you can opt for hanging storage facilities. This would help you minimize the number of utensils you leave on the countertops in your kitchen.

You can also consider going for a kitchen island or a pantry. If you need more space for this, you can get an ADU builder or ADU contractor to help you convert your garage to accessory dwelling units (ADU). You can use ADUs as kitchens as long as they are in line with the government’s regulations and requirements.

Go for steel

In terms of durability and ease of use, stainless steel is, no doubt, the kitchen equivalent of gold. Steel appliances are tough and can maintain their quality even in very hot or cold weather.

Furthermore, they are relatively easy to clean up.

Let your cabinet speak

Your cabinet can be the first thing that people notice in your kitchen. Getting it right with your cabinet will, no doubt, leave your guests with the right impression about your kitchen.

You can give your kitchen an illusion of being larger by using a plain, white-coloured cabinet. For a rustic look, you may opt for wood instead. You can add more individuality to your cabinet by using uniquely designed glass panels.


Lighting is probably the most visible part of your kitchen, so it is crucial to pay attention to what choices you make here.

It is best to adopt a number of different lighting styles in your kitchen. You can skillfully combine chandeliers and under cabinet lighting to create the best effect.


It is important that the kitchen’s floor is the same with the flooring used in other parts of the house. This gives your general home design an air of continuity and harmony.

If you need extra living space in your house, you can consider getting an ADU builder to convert your garage to accessory dwelling units.

In colder climes, you might want to install underfloor heating equipment. Be sure to follow all the government’s regulations and requirements when installing ADUs.

Do you need top-notch kitchen remodeling in Pasadena? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Incan Builders. Contact us today to receive a free quote, and you’ll be glad you did.

Kitchen Remodel Pasadena

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