Potted Plants Orange County

Potted plants revamp your space elegantly and uniquely. If you are new to plant parenting, here are the five of the best potted plants in Orange County to get you started.


Calendulas can thrive as garden plants and potted plants. They have yellow and orange foliage that adds warmth to any space. Also known as pot marigold, calendulas bloom better in winter and sparingly through summer. It is also a low-maintenance plant because it reseeds itself when in season. Another quality of Calendulas is their edible leaves. Professional chefs use Calendulas leaves to accentuate main dishes during plating.


Snapdragons are named after their flowers that resemble a dragon’s snout. Their foliage comes in shades of pink, lavender, purply, burgundy, yellow, orange, and white. Snapdragons thrive in Spring and reach their peak in summer. Other nicknames of the snapdragon include dog’s mouth, toad’s mouth, and lion’s mouth. As a short-lived plant, snapdragons flourish in warm, moist, and well-drained soil.


Chrysanthemums or the mums are perennial plants. They come in different shapes and shades ideal for any home. Chrysanthemums are the perfect potted plants for placing next to windows. They bloom in lots of sunlight, a well-aerated room, and rich soil with excellent draining. Popular chrysanthemum colors include red, lavender, yellow, white, orange, red, and purples. In addition, mums are available in bicolored flowers.

Coral Bells

Coral Bells are versatile plants ideal for homes, outdoor planters, and garden pots. Coral bells are famous for their muted shades. They are also perennial plants with high resistance to pests, disease, and drought. In ancient times, Coral Bells’ leaves were dried, crushed, and used as medicine. Today these potted plants are used as an inspiration for styling homes in Spring. Because of their shallow roots, they require plenty of water in summer.

Ornamental Kale

Ornamental kale is a biennial plant that blooms in the cooler temperatures of fall and winter. It has signature foliage consisting of fringed, feathery, or wavy leaves. In addition, ornamental kale leaves bloom in white, pink, red, and purple shades. Though edible, ornamental kale is mostly grown for esthetic reasons due to its slightly bitter leaves.

Buying Potted Plants in Orange County

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Potted Plants Orange County

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