Old tree stumps are unsightly in your yard and are also hazardous. They keep you from being able to fully use your yard and make it difficult to mow the lawn. You can have a wonderfully manicured landscape but when you have tree stumps it make the entire yard look unattractive. You can improve the look and function of your yard with stump removal in Port Coquitlam.

Do You Need Stump Removal in Port Coquitlam?

If you have had trees cut down without removing the stumps you may want to have them removed. Tree stumps will never go away on their own and will remain in place where they attract bugs and decay. They can detract from the value of your home and can make it more difficult to sell.

Old tree stumps are also hazardous in your yard. You or your children could fall over them, causing injuries. Since you can’t mow very close to them they always look unkempt and they can look even worse when you try to decorate them with potted plants. This only draws attention to this ugly feature in your yard.

The best way to resolve the situation is with professional stump removal in Port Coquitlam. While there are some methods that you can use to try to remove tree stumps on your own, these are often difficult and can even cause damage to the pipes and underground utilities.

You can’t simply pull the tree stump out because it has many roots that are located far beneath the surface. Products that are designed to dissolve the roots can be poisonous and may not do the job. Professional stump removal in Port Coquitlam is done using the grinding method.

About Stump Removal in Port Coquitlam

In most cases, the best way to remove the stump and most of the roots is with professional grinding. A grinder is a tool that chops up the stump and roots into small pieces. It effectively gets rid of the stump in a fast and efficient way. The result is a flat area that can now become part of your landscape.

If you like, you can fill in the area with soil so you can plant grass or plants in the spot. Since the majority of the roots are gone and dead, new plants can grow in the area. If you move into a home that already has some stumps in the yard you may want to get them removed. If you have taken down some trees but the stumps remain, you can clear the property and complete the job.

Removing the tree stumps from your yard will make it more attractive and certainly more usable. You and your family will be able to enjoy an improved view and you will increase the value of your property. A professional will be able to remove all size of tree stumps from small to large. You don’t need to let tree stumps ruin your property. Contact our expert team today to schedule tree stump removal.

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