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You want your lawn to look its best all year long. It takes some work to keep your grass looking lush and green. You need to pay attention to the needs of your grass and give it the care and consideration it requires. When you want to make sure your lawn stays healthy and beautiful you need to count on the services of a lawn care professional. Our services include everything you need to make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. Our landscape company offers the same services included in TruGreen in Minneapolis.

What are the Most Important TruGreen Services?

Lawn care includes several steps such as feeding, weed prevention, and removal and insect control. Additional services are aeration, seeding, vegetation control, flea and tick control, crabgrass and moss control and others. It is best to feed your lawn the nutrients it needs at least several times a year. We use a granular, slow-release, organic fertilizer that lasts up to 8 weeks, depending on the particular blend we use. We create our fertilizer blends here at Weed Man with natural products such as nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Our effective fertilizer provides layers that work to protect and control your lawn for many weeks.

Keeping Your Lawn Healthy

A healthy lawn looks luxurious. You want to have a yard that doesn’t have weeds or insects. You can make sure that your property always looks good by adding the food that it needs throughout the year. Aerate your lawn every year to allow more water, air, and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass. Fertilize your lawn regularly. Mow your lawn to keep it looking its best and use a sharp mower blade to improve the cut. Use pre-emergent weed products to prevent weeds from growing. Once the plants grow above the ground, you can use other weed products. Remove thatch and crabgrass because they can quickly start to take over your lawn. We offer the best lawn care such as TruGreen in Minneapolis.

How Often Does My Lawn Need Care?

Your lawn requires weekly care throughout the growing seasons. Provide fertilizer every two months or more often, depending on the condition of your garden. If you have specific problems, you need to treat those on an as-needed basis. Pests and weeds in your yard are likely symptoms of an unhealthy lawn. Treat the immediate problem and then use products to prevent the problem from recurring. An experienced lawn care specialist will evaluate your yard and determine the best course of treatment using methods like TruGreen in Minneapolis.

Lawn Care Service in Minneapolis has more than 45 years of experience providing high-quality lawn care services in the area. Our team of professionals is here to assist you with your lawn. We will help make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. We use proprietary products that are proven to be effective and environmentally friendly. Trust your lawn care to our experts in TruGreen in Minneapolis. Contact us today to schedule our services.

trugreen Minneapolis

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