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Parker Tree Service has been a prominent player in the tree service industry for almost 80 years. Our focus has been on enhancing the beauty and safety of neighborhoods and businesses. As a family-owned and operated business, we prioritize offering a personalized experience that larger entities may not provide. Parker Tree Service values our current clients and the strong relationships we have built with them over the years. Our priority is to provide exceptional customer service through personalized attention. For all your tree service needs, you can trust Parker Tree Service to enhance and protect your environment.


Trees are an essential part of nature, but sometimes they might need to be removed for various reasons. Whether it’s due to disease, decay, or to make way for new construction or landscaping, it’s important to remove them carefully and safely. In certain situations, where the tree is in a tight spot or close to structures such as power lines or homes, it’s highly recommended to use an expert. Removing a tree in such conditions can be dangerous, and only a professional who has the right tools and experience can handle the job efficiently.

There are different ways to remove a tree, depending on its size, location, surrounding environment, and other factors. Our techniques include rigging (using cables and pulleys), employing our boom trucks, the traditional method of climbing and hand-cutting, or a mix of methods. If the area is clear and not obstructed, we may be able to bring down the tree in one go, which can save time and cost.


We offer different services depending on the customer’s preference such as cutting the tree(s) into firewood or larger pieces, or removing it completely. We also make sure to do a thorough clean up. We are able to accommodate jobs of all sizes within the same week that you contact us. Additionally, we offer a 24/7 Emergency Tree Service for situations that require urgent attention, such as dangerous removals or catastrophes.

Our company, Parker Tree Service, can remove trees without causing any damage to your property or landscaping. We have specialized equipment and techniques that enable us to handle large jobs while preserving your property’s original state. ​We ensure that there are no visible signs left behind after our work is done, such as ruts, tracks, or debris. This is important to us as our reputation depends on it. You can read customer reviews to confirm this.

Amazing Tree Trimming and Removal Professionals

A beautiful storm came through and our 100+ year old walnut tree was caught in a wind tunnel. Unfortunately, it did partially sever one of the main trunks and was hanging on by about 4” of bark that would land on our roof. We called the main office (found on Google) and they were so empathetic about the emergency we faced. She scheduled us for assessment within a few hours. Justin arrived ON TIME and was the most professional and articulate representative we’ve encountered in Canyon County! Justin had his AMAZING crew back within a few hours and what a spectacular job they did!! They are ALL so personable, accommodating, detailed & clean! By the time they left, you could not tell they were here at all! Wow! What amazing customer service! We are permanent customers and anyone that needs tree service, Parker Tree Service will be the only one we recommend using.

Annual Tree Trimming & Excellent Customer Service

I have used Parker Tree Service for many years. They have done big projects and annual trimming with excellent customer service. The crew is very personable and knowledgeable! They always clean up everything so it looks better than before they arrived. I’m very happy with their service and will use them again next year. Thank you Parker Tree Service!

Experience and Expertise Truly Shows with Parker Tree Service!

Mike, Mike, Rich and Dan spent 8 hours at my house today: removed 4 trees, ground 5 stumps, pruned 4 huge trees and made the overgrown apple tree we inherited with our property look like a fruit tree again! Fabulous job, looks amazing! And on time, professional, and fabulous clean up too. Highly recommend them!

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